Meeting with Finpro and Invest in Finland

In April 2014 Tellus-Group held a meeting with Finpro and Invest in Finland.

A trilateral meeting was held between Maria Khomich, executive director of Tellus-Group, Irina Solonova, Consultant of Finpro and Hanna Lankinen, senior director of Invest in Finland.

The participants shared the experience of ongoing projects and discussed investors’ preferences and trends in land development sector both in Russia and Finland. The challenge of meeting foreign residents’ needs and requirements by Russian industrial parks hasn’t remained untouched taking into consideration market entry related risks.

As a result of the meeting, certain agreements regarding the information share have been reached.


Finpro is established in 1919 the national trade, internationalization and investment development organization in Finland that supports its clients' international growth and success by enabling them to be in the right markets at the right time with a competitive concept and offering.

Invest in Finland is the government agency that promotes foreign investments into Finland that assists international companies in finding business opportunities in Finland and provide all the relevant information and guidance required to establish a business in Finland.

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