Steady Redevelopment

An Expert: Elena Smotrova, Chairman of Board of directors Tellus-Group


«Our Company is occupied with the development of the industrial parks, so we have an eye on the situation with industrial sector in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region. For this sector will be really hard to solve the problems of the preservation of own business without government support. It’s obvious that part of industrial territories need for redevelopment. But it doesn’t mean that plants are situated there should close.

Due to the fact of government support the plants should be transfer to the new industrial parks close to the borders of agglomeration. For example, we have 2 projects in active phases of construction and completing – «Kola» (intersection of Ring Road and Murmansk highway), «Prinevskiy» (Vsevolozhskiy district, Leningrad region), where provisions are made for areas for medium businesses. Also we are creating the project of industrial park with plottage about 80 ha. at the Kievskoe highway. In case of the offers from the industrialists we are ready to take part in partners projects of transferring plants to the new areas in collaboration with the city and region governments with following redevelopment of exempt territories or real estate properties».

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