Kola Retail Center was represented within the framework of international exhibition MAPIC 2015.

For the first time Kola Retail Center was presented within the framework of international retail real estate show MAPIC

Tellus-Group, LLC in cooperation with Renaissance Construction, LLC took part in the biggest European exhibition of retail space MAPIC 2015, which took place from 18 to 20 November in Cannes (France). It was the first time within the framework of the exhibition when the project of Kola Industrial Park’s trade zone – Kola Retail Center was represented.

The concept of Kola Retail Center is about developing of modern and high-quality trade zone of the regional scale, which combines different trade forms on the united area. The territory of 24,77 ha, provided with engineering and transport infrastructures was offered to real estate players, investors and representatives of trading networks.

The main advantages of the project were marked during the presentation: the unique location of Park (closeness to the city and transport accessibility), different ways of cooperation with residents (built-to-suit and built-to-suit-lease) and the professional asset management company.

The headquarters of Tellus-Group, LLC have held meetings with the representatives of Russian and foreign trading networks, investment funds and consulting companies. Provisional arrangements about retailer’s location on the territory of Kola Retail Center were made.

Note: Mapic is the biggest European exhibition of retail property and networks, which attracts professionals from all over the world. It takes approximately 8500 sq. km. More than 780 companies from 68 countries and about 8000 professionals take part in it. Since 1995 it takes part in the famous Palais des Festivals et des Congrèsin Cannes annually. The exhibition gives an opportunity to connect with investors and specialists of trade in real estate property. It also helps companies to find new outlet areas and places for developing.

Members of delegation:

  • Smotrova Elena – Chairman of the Board
  • Nepovinnykh Nikolai – Executive director
  • Smirnova Tatiana - Administrative director

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