Elena Smotrova together with representatives of 13 St. Petersburg companies and officials took part in the " Alley of Business", planting maple saplings in Pulkovo park.

Participants of the "Alley of Business" were greeted by 25 red-leaved maples planted last year, the anniversary for "Delovoy Petersburg". 

But there is still a lot of space in Pulkovo Park for new trees, and for the newspaper that is published on paper, the restoration of natural resources is still relevant. And so, at the end of may, residents of the Moskovsky district were again able to see how employees of 13 St. Petersburg companies, along with officials, representatives of public and professional associations, universities, and, of course, together with "Delovoy Peterburg", picked up shovels and watering cans and zealously set to work. They were already waiting for maple seedlings grown in the nursery "Alekseevskaya Dubrava". This nursery has been successfully operating for more than 15 years and specializes in growing and planting deciduous shrubs and trees. The «Yadro» group of companies, which includes the nursery, has experience in gardening on a variety of scales - from private gardens with an area of several acres to public spaces, the area of which is measured in hectares. Now maple saplings from the "Alekseevskaya Dubrava" should take root in the Pulkovo Park and please those who walk here.

Companies that planted trees on the " Alley of Business"

 Trading house "Perekrestok", LLC "Mekhuborka SPb", Setl Group, ROLF Jaguar Land Rover on Oktyabrskaya embankment, LLC "Nissan manufacturing RUS", LLC "Pro-cleaning", Tellus-Group, Eatyeat, "Slavdom", investment company" EUROINVEST", LLC "Management organization" Profservis"," Renaissance insurance", Group of companies "Yadro".

 "Nature conservation is our common task and duty to future generations. From the business point of view, now any project is always a beautiful story with the development of infrastructure and the creation of new spaces. Therefore, business is a priori involved in the environmental improvement of St. Petersburg - says Elena Smotrova. -

 Omitting the topic of officials, we should also remind residents of the Northern capital that St. Petersburg is their hometown. And clean not where they clean, but where they don't litter. If you treat the city as your home, when everyone participates in the improvement of their space, you can help the city become cleaner and better.

 The main projects of our company are the construction of industrial parks. And when developing them, we try to take the highest level from the point of view of ecology, taking into account the system of reducing energy consumption in the project and using environmentally friendly materials."



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