Elena Smotrova presented "Tellus-Group" as a partner of the "Woman Leader" conference at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Over the years, the international conference "Woman leader", initiated in 2015 by the Vice-President of the Leningrad regional chamber of Commerce and industry Elena Dyukareva, has become an integral part of the program of events within the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. As part of the global initiative to support women's entrepreneurship, career advancement of women and equal opportunities for business development, the idea of holding the Conference was actively supported by the government of the Leningrad region and the Chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation.

Over the five years of this project, the Conference was attended by thousands of women from dozens of countries, who proved that in the modern world, women are able to successfully solve the most complex problems – political, social, economic and business. The problems of achieving gender equality, ensuring conditions for the development of women's entrepreneurship and career growth, and the practice of implementing social projects raised at the "Woman Leader" Conference were reflected in the media and other public discussions. And the solutions to these problems found by experts during the meetings of the "Woman leader" Conference helped many women find answers to their questions.

It should be noted that the organizers of the Conference and its permanent head, Vice-President of the

LR CCI Elena Dyukareva, constantly find not only new topics for discussion, but also new forms of holding this event.

This time The conference "Woman Leader" was held in the format of a plenary "brainstorming session", which was attended by real celebrities of social activities, culture and business.

 The hall was attended by hundreds of guests, including Svetlana Zhurova, a member of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. In the Conference took part representatives of business and political elite of the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg, the heads of Chamber of Commerce and Industrial of the Russian Federation and Leningrad region CCI, senior officials of Federal agencies, representatives of the Higher school of Economics and experts, and numerous journalists, but also entrepreneurs, managers, specialists. And not only women. Nikolay Nevininykh, co-founder of Tellus-Group, also took part in the conference.

 Together with the conference moderators, Vice-President of the LR CCI Elena Dyukareva, and popular TV host Roman Gerasimov, answers to the Conference questions were sought: Director of the multi-center for social and labor integration, Chairman of the Board of the “Mesto pod solncem” Charity Foundation Irina Drozdenko, Director of the “Cifrovaya transformaciya biznesa" (Digital business transformation) competence Center Yulia Alferova, Vice-President for HR and corporate marketing of BIOCAD Alexandra Glazkova, Director for sustainable development and corporate programs of Philip Morris sales and Marketing Irina Zhukova, Elena Kirilenko, CEO of KELEANZ-medical, Irina Oganova, art critic and writer, author of the book "The Illusion of happiness and love", Natalia Osetrova, CEO of the Gatchina Gardens project, and Milana Kerzhakova, TV presenter and author of a number of social projects.


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