Tellus-Group develops large industrial projects, leases commercial and residential properties.

Tellus-Group has a wide network and operates in the area of architectural design, development and approval for town-planning and project documentation, construction monitoring services, land development and properties maintenance.

The company owns several properties; including industrial and residential lands located in St.Petersburg and the Leningrad region and with 500 ha+ total area.

Established in 1992 Tellus-Group gained a considerable knowledge and experience in the area of investments, properties maintenance and land development. We are dedicated to deliver high-quality service and consultation to our clients. We are an experienced team ready to assist you with all commercial property and industrial projects matters, e.g.:

  • architectural design
  • structural engineering
  • development and approval for town-planning and project documentation
  • construction monitoring services
  • land development
  • properties lease and maintenance

Tellus-Group consists of Tellus-Consulting and Tellus-Project.

We offer industrial lands that can be characterized by a very unique location and will definitely contribute to your competitiveness and prosperity. The lands are now being reserved actively by industrial and logistic companies. Our residents enjoy the advantages of using the plots that have the access to utilities and roads.

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